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Coaching 101: 2) Who and How?

This week, let's carry on with the "Coaching 101" series, episode 2: "Who and How?" (Three letters, not in the same order, and yet this is the way out of confusion.)

In my previous article, I explained what Coaching was essentially about: helping people find their own solutions.

But how do we help people to find their own solutions exactly? And who can call himself/herself a "Coach" anyway? How to be sure not to hire some dream-selling self-appointed Coach (with good intentions, or not)? How to choose someone really competent?

This way, please...

Coaching is a specialty, it is a real skill to master and it is a full process. This is a whole technique. Just as management, accountability, sophrology, woodwork, etc. We are not improvising, in a more or less fuzzy way, hoping "the client will get something out of it", with a couple of tricks.

A Coach is an appropriately trained professional, who has preferably been certified by an organization empowered and/or recognized by your state and or a professional association. A good Coach follows a specific method (based, among other, on strong questions), uses proven tools and updates his/her skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

A Coach helps you, step by step, when you have to carry out a project, to face an important milestone, to address a challenge and/or to overcome obstacles, on a personal level or on a professional level.

Except for his/her Coaching specialization and style (which may or may not suit you according to your sensitivity), a Coach worthy of that name has a clear ethical framework, establishes an atmosphere of goodwill, is bond by confidentiality, does not judge you and does not dictate anything. Only under these circumstances will you be able to find your own solutions.

So, there you go: I do not have all the answers and I certainly do not have your answers, but I have a solid method, efficient tools, evolutive knowledge and skills, and strong ethics.

If you want to know more, please visit the L'Atelier des idées website (and particularly the English version here). There you will find our specific offers. (Stories of clients who benefited from Coaching will soon be available in English but do not hesitate to take a peek in French out of sheer curiosity ;).)



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