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2020 specials: Stay inside... Look inside!

If there is one thing this public health crisis and the associated restricting measures have taught us is that we can go online to make up for a limited physical world. And if we do not have a choice but to follow (sometimes difficult) rules, we still get to decide what we are going to do during this peculiar time and we sure can take initiatives to make it better for us.

You cannot go outside? What if this was a chance…? A chance to go inside for a second? People usually complain about not having time to take a break and think about their own life… So, enjoy this particular time to do just that!

We have an opportunity here, even in the midst of this crisis, to give us some time:

- to breathe (fully and safely, dropping the masks),

- to look inside for once,

- to find new ideas and take new actions,

- to get ready and stronger for the near future, and beyond.

Make the best of this period to get on with a project (which has been delayed for too long), to work on a particular aspect of your personal evolution (which has been neglected to handle the daily stuff first), to wisely choose or change your career path, to assess the different spheres of your life and/or to learn what to do with your emotions.

All you need is a connected computer/tablet/phone and the decision to go on, despite it all.

All the useful information about our Coaching offers are available on the L'Atelier des idées website (just click on the English button right on the Homepage).



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