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Coaching 101 : The Maze

To move forward on an issue or a project is sometimes crystal clear, straightforward. And sometimes, it feels like going through a maze…

In this maze, there is a lot of possibilities and a lot of parameters to take into account too. There is what is under our control, and what is not under our control. There are beautiful places and less beautiful nooks, even abandoned corners. There are shortcuts and long bends. You can find treasures, resources, solutions and answers but also dead ends, walls, riddles and dungeons.

And my job is to go along with you, to make you progress in the maze of the challenge you are facing. I can not offer you a preconceived path and I do not know (more than you do) where the exit is at first, because, you know, it is your maze.

But I do enter the maze with you, I check tracks with you, I make you look left, right, up, down, ahead, behind, I ask you what is hidden in these couple of bushes, I hold the flashlight for you, I sure make a breadcrumb trail while you dive into a rabbit hole, I help you climb over some walls to get perspective or to jump on the other side of them.

Basically, I stand with you and I help you, thanks to efficient techniques and tools, to explore the meanders of the problematic or project you have in mind, in an easier, more orderly, more tangible and more exhaustive way than if you were to do it on your own. This is how you get to make your own path and find the way to your goal in this particular and peculiar maze.

If you want to know more, please visit the L'Atelier des idées website (and particularly the English version here). There you will find our specific offers. (Stories of clients who benefited from Coaching will soon be available in English but do not hesitate to take a peek in French out of sheer curiosity ;).)



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