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Coaching 101 : 1) What Coaching is… (in a sentence)

Recently, I was regretting that we rarely advise people to hire a life Coach to help us with challenges/transitions. But there are several reasons for this.

One of the most important reasons being: we do not really know what Coaching is.

It happened to me again only a few hours ago: I had to explain to my hairdresser what Coaching is... And, as it seems, she is not the only one not to know! Some other 29 persons must have had asked me that question before! And I am fully aware that my very detailed and thorough speech about Coaching has not really caught many people's attention so far… But then, as I did no want to explain it all over again, a simple (but brillant!) idea rushed through my head:

"Coaching is… helping people find their own solutions."

So, there it is! Simple, to the point, and this time, it hits home as my hairdresser wants to know more: how do I help people find their own solutions? First time ever someone outside the professional Coaching community asks me that! Hallelujah! So now I have her attention, I can properly explain my work to her.

If you want to know more, please visit the L'Atelier des idées Website (and particularly the English version here). There you will find our specific offers. (Stories of clients who benefited from Coaching will soon be available in English but do not hesitate to take a peek in French out of sheer curiosity ;).)



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