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Coaching 101: The Spark: this is what you came for

Everything starts with a spark.

This is the beginning of everything: from the Big Bang to car engines, from light to fire.

The ideas in your brain are no exception.

Just look at a brain scan: sparks everywhere!

Connections, enlightenments, strokes of genius...

Without a spark you can not go on. Something is missing.

Sparks are what makes you create, progress and move on. They simply bring you to life.

This spark, this is what we look for in Coaching. To find out, to understand, to feel why we are stuck. To find some real motivation back. To (re)define what we really truly want. To achieve your personal and professional goals the very best you can.

If you want to know more, please visit the L'Atelier des idées website (and particularly the English version here). There you will find our specific offers. (Stories of clients who benefited from Coaching will soon be available in English but do not hesitate to take a peek in French out of sheer curiosity ;).)



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